Gallery 2016


SO-AntiqueSandy O'Dell, Antique Quilt
This hand pieced quilt was made by nephew's great grandmother. The quilt will be returned to him for hanging on a wall.


Sandy O'Dell "Picnic"
Made in a class at KRQG.

SO-StormSandy O'Dell
"Storm at Sea" a class at VOQG by
Wendy Mathson

JS-WorldJennifer Sobieralski
Vintage World Travel for
Friend's Baby

Nanette Blumer, "Easter Bunny"
a Laura Heine pattern

RN-AhoyRobin Noell "Ahoy It's A Boy"
Nine-patch and applique
a commissioned piece for a new baby

Jean Gerstenberg, "Briar Rose"
A kit given to Jean by Jane Best who
declared she "wanted it back"
Jeanette Mitchell
A scrap quilt with prarie point border
Tuesday Scrappers enjoy a Spring Tea--on a Tuesday of course!

Program: Hand Quilting Show and Tell by Members

and the work was exquisite!

Ellen Riley with her "work in progress"

Ann Hinman
Leslie Sobieralski
Suzanne Kistler
Carolyn Cardoza

Carolyn Cardoza had a "Tell"

After an electronic sewing machine would not turn on, Carolyn turned to the internet for a fix. She learned that electronic machines should be unplugged when not in use to prevent power surges, etc., from damaging the machine.

The fix, turn the machine on and walk away. The process could take lots of time so "patience is again a virtue." Carolyn's machine responded in 14 minutes.